Price list overview

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* ex. VAT.
** Chiptuning Plus: 50% discount i.c.w. stage, eco or dsg tuning

Stage Chiptuningmore infofrom €332,-*
Eco Tuningmore infofrom €332,-*
DSG Tuningmore infofrom €250,-*
Pops & Bangs**more info€150,-*
Gearbox remappingmore infoprice upon request
Custom tuningmore infoprice upon request
EGR Delete** more infofrom €150,-*
DPF/OPF (particulate filter) Delete** more info€450,-*
Adblue Delete** more info€350,-*
Start/stop Delete** more infofrom €175,-*
NOX sensor Deletemore info€150,-*
Fault codes / Diagnostic Trouble codes removalmore infofrom €150,-*
Evap Deactivationmore info€175,-*
Secundary air injection system Deletemore info€175,-*
Cylinder Deactivation ACT/COD/MDSmore info€275,-*
Lambda/CAT sensor Deletemore info€150,-*
Add or remove speed limitermore info€150,-*
RPM/REV limiter removalmore info€150,-*
Torque limitermore info€275,-*
Increase idle speedmore info€275,-*
Swirl flaps removalmore info€150,-*
MAHA Dynamometermore info€100,-* (free of charge i.c.w. a tuning)
iSoftloadermore info€125,-*
Standalone Managementmore infoprice upon request
Exhaustsmore infoprice upon request

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